Warren Huxley Consulting

Working with you to get the best out of you, your team and your business

Consultants tend to arrive in your business, have a look around and supply you with plans and checklists that will make things better. Anecdotally the legacy from this approach is often limited due to the uncertain commitment of the people most affected. Warrens approach is to harness the knowledge, skill and intellect of your workforce to build workable strategies where commitment becomes intrinsic, to build the capability of you and your people. The key is the development of your work force to a stage where they are clear about their operational parameters, capable of taking personal responsibility within those parameters and making sound business decisions all the while maintaining appropriate communication and relationships.

Warren brings a wealth of experience, objective analysis, and facilitation skill to tap into the collective ability of you and your workforce.

Services include:

  • Business Improvement
  • Business Planning
  • Time Investment Strategy
  • Change management
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Independent facilitation

Profiling and assessment tools

  • TMS Team Management Systems
  • LSI Life Styles Inventory

Leaders, Managers indeed everyone in business spend their time in 4 different areas

Business activity of leaders and managers Relationship to bottom line SERVICES
1.Product and Service delivery Revenue generation
  • Business Improvement strategies
  • Business planning workshops
2. Statutory requirements Cost to your business
  • Review, Training and Outsourcing by professional practitioners
3. Business Building Investment in future
  • Strategic planning
  • Time Investment Strategy (where to most effectively spend your time)
4. Managing and developing themselves and their people Cost and investment
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Change management
  • Cultural change

Business Improvement
Focusing on what needs to be improved and elimination of activity that does not add value to the business.
Workshops, planning, skills training and implementation strategy development.

Business Planning
Planning the detail of the year on year activity that is essential in any business yet often overlooked due to the day to day pressure of keeping your head above water.
Facilitation of business planning and review of current practices and processes, setting of milestones and review processes.

Time Investment Strategy
Identification and management of the issues that need to be addressed.
Everyone does priority setting in one way or another often in the form of a “to do” list. However, Time Investment Strategy combines tested analytical processes to identify the key activities that will give you the best return on the time you invest. Answering the question “What is it I can be doing right now that will add the most value”.

Strategic Planning
Where is your business heading? What is the current state and what is the desired future state? How are you going to get there?
Facilitated Strategic Planning workshops offer you the opportunity to stop, assess and plan for the future.

Change management
The world is changing rapidly! Business and workers that do not change are left behind.
Workshops to enable transition and engagement, from what you are now to what you need to be. Development of change goals and implementation strategies.

Leadership Coaching
Is about getting the most out of your people, who in fact do all the work you as a leader cannot do.
One on One coaching for key leaders and leadership teams tailored for your specific needs

Team Building
The strength of any organisation is in its people and how they work together.
Team building programs develop team interaction and explore communication and relationships fostering cohesive working relationships. Goal alignment, team behaviours and understanding each others strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

Independent Facilitation services
The role of effective facilitation is central to the success of any meeting, planning or problem solving process (managing the process, keeping to the agenda managing time, keeping accurate outcomes and action items).
The use of independent facilitation allows all of the key people in an organisation to be fully engaged and not distracted by managing the process or worse doing both poorly.

Cultural Change
Culture is the way you and your people do things, the combined results of the thinking, feeling and behaviour toward work, each other and you customers. Organisations often end up with a culture that develops unplanned over time. The issue for businesses is weather the culture they have is a deliberate choice or weather it has evolved organically and then if it serves them well or is counter productive.
Workshops examine these issues and develop programs to build the culture that will best serve you. Ongoing training and support is provided.